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At the heart of our innovative platform is a team of dedicated individuals, each contributing their unique expertise to drive the success of our clients. Allow us to introduce the architects of our administration, the maestros of operations, and the champions of sales who form the backbone of our organization:

Bart Carpenter

The Architect of Administration

Founder & President

Bart is the visionary force behind our platform, leveraging years of hands-on experience in auto dealership management. His innovative approach has chiseled out inefficiencies, redesigning a system that propels dealers into the fast lane of administration.

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Mark Visostky

The Maestro of Operations

Operations Director

Mark orchestrates the intricate dance of daily operations, fine-tuning our processes to hit high notes of efficiency. His expertise ensures that our operations resonate throughout our clients’ businesses, delivering seamless and effective solutions.

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David Slicer

Conductor of East Coast Sales

East Coast Sales Director

David tailors “Admin in a Box” solutions for the East Coast market, driving a wave of success stories. His bespoke approach mirrors the precision of the fine-tuned engines in the dealerships he serves.

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Chris Johnson

Trailblazer of Western Sales

Western Sales Director

From sun-drenched coasts to mountain ranges, Chris covers our Western territory with a pioneer’s spirit. He maps out innovative paths to success for dealers, offering clear strategies for growth.

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Luqman Ahmed

IT Director and Tech Whisperer

IT Director

Luqman is the mastermind behind our platform’s seamless performance. With him at the IT helm, “Admin in a Box” epitomizes technological prowess meeting user-friendly design, ensuring a cutting-edge and user-centric experience.

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” Admin in a Box”, the leader in Dealer Self-Administration, making it easy for dealers of all industries to take full control of their Finance & Insurance programs.

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Bart Carpenter

The Architect of Administration

Meet Bart Carpenter, the visionary behind Admin in a Box. As the driving force of the platform that powers, Bart brings a wealth of expertise and a forward-thinking mindset to the realm of administration in the automotive, RV, and Powersports industries. With a 30 plus year foundation including automotive retail, training and administration industries and a career distinguished by innovation, Bart is dedicated to revolutionizing service contract management and reinsurance company operations.

Under his guidance, Admin in a Box has become synonymous with efficiency, transforming intricate administrative tasks into streamlined processes. Bart’s philosophy is simple yet impactful: leverage advanced technology to maximize profitability and minimize wasted effort. His leadership ensures that Admin in a Box delivers not just a software solution but a strategic advantage, making every interaction an opportunity to experience a new day in administration.

David Slicer

Daveis a long-time industry leader in the dealership world and the vendor industry. His career over the last 40 years has allowed him to haveaninsightinto each department and how to look for hidden profits within the dealership.


Working his way through each department, Dave settled into the GM position for over 20 years. As GM he developed processes and systems to allow each departmentto thrive and profit.Always looking for new profit centers Dave started the F&I department that gave instant profits to the dealership.


Dave instrumented the sale of the dealership and started a General Agency.


Daves philosophy is to offer his knowledge to dealers along with, always look for new products and profit centers for the dealer. Dave brings with him extensive knowledge of reinsurance and the products that support a dealership. Dave retained his Property Casualtylicense and offers dealers the ability to provide their customers withall types of personal insurance and help the dealer with their commercial insurance.


Chris Johnson

Chris has 31 years in the automotive industry and extensive experience in managing sales and finance departments from 1993-2001 with groups such as Lute Riley and Van Tyle organizations both of which were purchased by Sonic Automotive and Berkshire Hathaway respectively. Chris also owned and operated 4 independent dealerships in the Dallas-Fort Worth market from 2001-2020. In 2017, Chris founded C3J Legacy Group where he found his passion for consulting auto dealers with warranty programs and an array of ancillary products and services. Through his advanced reinsurance and retro insurance programs, his dealer partners were able to grow exponentially.

In 2022, Chris’s skills and past experience led him to teaming up with a Texas-based company called DealerAdmin. This is a unique data-tech company that leverages big data and artificial intelligence within a robust software program that is continuously learning. His focus is on providing sales and education on a platform that seamlessly integrates into a clients CRM/ERP and to provide advanced tools that empower the client to manage their VSC/Warranty/GAP/CPI and CLAIMS programs more easily, and cost effectively so they can manage their customers while maximizing their profits and monetize downstream revenue opportunities.

Texas State University 1993
BBA in Marketing with a minor in Finance

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