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Technology that enables you to control the process.

Capture Lost Profit

A direct link to insurance company eliminates needless expenses

See Transparency

Say goodbye to confusing cession statements and hello to ease and transparency

More Control & Flexibility

Nobody knows how to take care of YOUR customer better than YOU.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Leverage Technology to eliminate wasted time at the dealership and administration

What Features Make it work ?

Automated Claims

Automated Claims

Integrated Inspections

Integrated Inspections



Built-in Money Movement

Built-in Money Movement

Integration APIs

Integration APIs

Automated Processes

Automated Processes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my current provider?

Yes, is agnostic on which provider. You will need to gain their approval.

How are the claims handled?

Most claims are handled online, but if you need assistance with inspections or claims adjuster we can help or we will train your in-house person.

Who is responsible for depositing money into the reinsurance/reserve account?

This depends on the structure of your program. It can be your accounting team, ours or the underwriter/Insurance company if they are the Obligor.

Who pays the insurance/ underwriter of each program/agreement? is has a Payment Facilitation platform built into our program so your accounting team can process the payments or we can do it for you.

Can I have multiple programs with multiple underwriters?

Yes.’s platform segregates all of this for you so you.

Who handles claims?

Most dealers choose to do it themselves for more control over the process, but we also can provide full-service claims support.

How does the claims process work?
  1. All the claims are started online. On mechanical claims, if the requested parts and labor estimates are within guidelines most claims are authorized in seconds. 
  2. Repair is completed the dealership sends an authorization to customer to sign off on the repairs and they are taking delivery.
  3. Claim is approved and processed within seconds.
  • Gap and other types of claims are done online and depending on the type of contract they are instantly approved or processed within a couple of days.
Who do I send the money to?

You will send the money to your clearing account through our platform where the individual payments will be disbursed based on the structure you have chosen for your dealership.

Who underwrites the program?

We have multiple underwriters depending on which one is the right fit for your dealership.

Who is the obligor on the agreements?

The obligor varies based on the structure you choose with the following choices. 1) The Insurance Company/Underwriter 2) as the Administrator 3) Your Dealer Owned Warranty Company 4) Dealer Obligor

” Admin in a Box”, the leader in Dealer Self-Administration, making it easy for dealers of all industries to take full control of their Finance & Insurance programs.

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